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Muscle Movement & Muscle Laxity

For patients seeking to address specific aspects of facial rejuvenation, Dr. Dormer considers a patient’s muscle movement and laxity, as well as overall volume loss.

Oftentimes patients seeking to address one specific area of concern are surprised to learn that addressing an adjacent area will yield a much greater result than treating the initial concern. At a patient’s initial consultation, Dr. Dormer conducts and evaluation muscle movement and laxity and determines the most appropriate way to target each patient’s concerns.

Treatment options that address muscle movement and laxity are generally injectable toxins, such as Botox®, Dysport®, or Xeomin®.

Volume Loss

As we age, it isn’t uncommon to loose volume or fullness in our dermal tissues. This manifests as visible sagging and lack of firmness in skin’s appearance. Volume loss is the result of a number of factors, including genetics and lifestyle.

Often times the use of a dermal filler is suggested for patients seeking create fullness and to address volume loss in various areas. The use of dermal fillers is an excellent non-surgical option for instant volume replacement, and depending on the type of filler and the application site, it can last from 6 months to 1 year.

Dr. Dormer may suggest the use of one or a combination of filling agents to achieve the most natural presentation of volume replacement. Injectable fillers that Dr. Dormer may suggest include Boletaro Balance®, Juvederm XC®, Juvederm Voluma®, Radiesse®, or Restylane®.


Sclerotherapy can eliminate the appearance of varicose and spider veins, as well as improve symptoms such as swelling, aching, burning, and night cramps. Additionally, Sclerotherapy is often considered the best choice for the treatment of small varicose veins.

During treatment, polydocainol is injected into the vein, which then causes the vein to collapse and reroute blood flow to healthier veins. The collapsed veins are then reabsorbed into the surrounding tissue, causing the vein to disappear.

Veins treated with Sclerotherapy solution fade over the course of 2 to 4 weeks. While some types of veins can be effectively treated in one session, more complex cases may require additional treatments to reach the desired outcome.